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  • greetings from euro mayhem

    hello guys in from the netherlands and live in ROCKANJE a smal village at the coastline of the north sea about 30 miles from ROTTERDAM i drive since a few weeks a 81 olds cutlass supreme V6 (i go for the miles per gallon since the price here is 8$ a gallon)before i drove for 9 years a 1990 gmcV8 vandura full starcraft conversion great car only cost me 2 tranny's and 1 engine before i now how to drive with a trailor americanstyle (not to slow and calm)because of cooling problems solved after build in of a tranny oil cooler and a three core radiator. next car was a 1980 corvette had it for only two years bad mpg then i had a 1978 monte V6 drove it for five years best car so far low on repair costs but same mpg as the gmc so lhad to let it go. next car was a 1986 suburban V8 6.2 diesel had it for one and a half years but was not my style to mutch of a workingcar belongs on a farm not down town sold it and now recentley got me a 1981 olds good mpg but have some items to solve will make use of the forum hope you can help me solve them.greets