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  • Your opinion on this car please

    Take a look and tell me what you think please. Looking to possibly purchase.


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    I would jumP on that asap... I have seen many listed in the last year for quite a bit more $$ with higher miles or in worse condition... There is an 83 hurst listed in my area for $4300 with over 100k, a ****ty paint job, ok interior, & who knows how much bondo... The only deal breaker for me on the 84 you are looking at would be rust or original hurst specific parts missing... If it has the original drivetrain, solid doors, quarters, rockers, & frame.... It is easily worth $5900....


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      Are there markings on the engine and/or rear diff that signify that it belongs to a H/O?


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        Nice car, price is right.
        Rear would be an 8.5", you would have to read the block VIN on the drivers side behind the alt to know if it was the original motor.
        Also, a VIN9 motor would have a thick harmonic balancer like an early 350 or 455, not like the thin VINY307.
        Also check for an OZ code on the trans tag at the rear of the trans on the passengers side.
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          jump on that car. it sound to good to be true but looks solid , nice find