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    well just got back from a 4hr trip both ways and i am so pissed. I saw on c/L this guy selling a 83 hurst with ground effect that from the pics looked decent and a 84 hurst olds moon roof that he got for a part car. Well Im usually a good judge of charecter but not on this case. I rent a car trailer and tow it down......wrong!!!! I paid between my truck and a double axle trailer over $200 in tolls less gas. I wanted to kick this guys ass but goes to show u cant trust anyone so I get there and the car is rougher in person. some engine hoses missing ,wing was wrong and header didnt even have the badge on it!!! can u believe it. He told me the interior was 7.5 out of 10.... not!!!! more like a 4 out of a ten so i go to drive it and tranny is slipping. he says funny i drove it 2 weeks ago and looks to find out that it is almost bone dry of tranny fluid. Im saying to myself well where is puddle where it leaked on the floor jackass that you cleaned up. now im fumming because I trusted this guys word. I felt he was up front with me on some minor issues to be fixed. lost $500 on this trip and never will this happen again.. im the ass, and about the 84 hurst.....well i wanted to cry , it was so rusted out and this guy tore and tossed the whole interior up that it bought a tear to my eye lol nah but it was sad cause of how rare these cars are now. Ok now im goog i had to blow off some steam. I offered him a grand for the car and the other parts from the 84 ( wing hood scoop with trim , header with grills and lightning rods, rims needed to be redone had some rust ,center caps were good and i fig id strip the other car and profit on the parts... well he felt insulted with my offer but would take 2000 grand for the deal.... I said take care and thanks for screwing me. anyone else have any horror stories? p.s keep in mind I did push him for more pics but said yeah and never sent them. shame on me

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    That blows...what was his asking price to begin with? That pisses me of when people misRepresent stuff, I always try to be as honest & descriptive as possible when selling stuff... Sometimes when a deal is too good to be true, it probably is! I bought my 85' 442 as a rust free shell in need of restoration & after talking to the guy & getting detailed pics, I actually sent most of the $ to him for the car....I picked it up a few weeks later & everything was 'as described'...I still would Never do it again just because of all the stress I felt thinking about everything that could go wrong....On my way up there to pick it up I felt like an idiot sending $ before seeing the car in person...Fortunatley it was less than $1000 total for car minus the 307 & a nearly complete grey interior....


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      guy was asking 4500 for both, I got him down to 3000 and then the next day he tells me sorry its too low and that he has to get 3500 so i said ok with the 84 hurst I can sell interior and shifters wing ect. you know re-coupe some money back and actually bring down the actual car cheaper from what I would of paid for it but funny cause like I said after schooling him on all the crap that he some how left out to tell me about the car he was willing to except 2,000 for it. by this time I was just pissed over the long ride I wasnt moving over the 200 dollar diffrence so I lost 500 today and should of knew better so next time if its far away no detailed pics no deal just walk away. your right sounded to good to be true. I thought since im dealing with a 51 year old adult that it would hold some weight. I mean he even said that the 84 starts and drives-not!!! I knew it when he said to bring a tow strap to get it up on the trailer. It does suck cause people should be just be honest about what they are selling. I would never have someone drive that far for nothing....I couldnt beleive the header panel had been replaced on the car and it had the front oldsmobile header ornament instead of the anniversary badge. I mentioned it to him and he had no idea what i was talking about lol lol but told me nah the nose lines up to nice to be changed. I just shook my head and had to get out of there.


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        Always request lots of photos and video even before even getting in the car and going, smart phones are very common now a days so it reduces the risk.
        I got hosed the same way with a guy about an hour away good thing but lost on trailer rental and fuel. The guy just didnt show... sux.
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          Well if it's any consolation, feel good that you have the funds to seek and buy more of these. Some of us have this bug, but have to wait, scrimp, save, beg, borrow etc to get anything done on our cars, much less be seeking to buy another. I do envy you
          I guess we never stop learning, especially when dealing with people


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            yeah I know what you guys mean. I like the idea of a video thats actually a great way to go because if there is nothing to hide about the sale and lucky for me at the time my future wife at the time had some money saved and helped me out with my impulse buying on two of my cars lol but ive always paid her back and now that I married her I guess they are our cars no way !!!! she can have the house but for real she thinks im crazy and somtimes argues with me that i have too many and my close friends break my balls by saying im trying to corner the market on these cars. I laugh and say im not looking to get rich if or when I part with these cars but they dont understand that was my era and as a young teen going into hit twenties not having a great job it was hard to afford theses types of cars and now as an adult at 40 I some what can but there is nothing like cruising with the t-tops off open air and peole just appreciating what they see :icon14:. I dont regret owning my cars and I have to say it was fun flying or driving out all over and finding amazing deals on some of them but I definatly want one more to be complete which is the 83 hurst with sand stone int. but there are times i would love to own a grand national. awsome cars great shine but I personaly feel that they could of made the interior a little better but comparing a cutlass to them look wise..... I feel the cutlass just shows more detail and a sharper apperence and remember guys this my personal opinion but no one could hold a candle on the turbo charged engine. You know I wish one day we should try to put together a neutral spot each year so that its even travel time for everyone and show are cars BBQ and talk the ****. That would be cool tty